Nemotec software is a digital dental software for general dentists and specialist, since 1992.

Nemotec offers the most complete 3D diagnostic and planning solution on the market for orthodontics, implantology, aesthetics and oral& maxillofacial surgeons. It has a powerful R&D&i department and the support of world leaders in different disciplines to create technology within everyone’s reach, which improves diagnosis, planning, results and communication with the patient.

Nemotec also offers important training and planning support services and technical support.

The software platform is called NemoStudio, which is the unique integrated interdisciplinary software platform for planning treatment plans in the specialties of Implantology, Smile Design, Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is clinical, Face driven and Patient centric, not Order centric. All Patient records can be added: X-rays, Clinical Photos, CBCT, IOS, … and also it´s an amazing communication platform.

As for digital orthodontics, it offers a complete solution for diagnosis, treatment plan and production.