Together with visionary clinics, we use our most advanced technologies to offer innovative orthodontic solutions bringing high-quality results for patients. Educational programs and quality of service are the keys to our success.

Ormco Corporation, set up by Frank Miller in 1960, shook up the market with its pre-formed bands and pre-assembled brackets. Over the last 50 years, the company has introduced a number of notable “firsts”, including direct bonding, rhomboid brackets, Copper Ni-Ti wires, TMA beta-titanium wires, Titanium-Othos brackets, Damon Clear, etc.

After pre-formed bands and pre-assembled brackets, Ormco moved on to develop a complete line of orthodontic products, including archwires, tubes, adhesives, instruments, temporary anchorage devices and other accessories such as aligners, and covering more than 20 different bracket systems, amongst them Inspire ICE, Mini-twin, Mini-Diamond, and StraightwireSynthesis. Ormco is also a pioneer in 3D orthodontics with Insignia AdvancedSmileDesign, the orthodontic software with personalized brackets.

The Damon system, developed by Dr. Dwight Damon and Ormco, is one of the company’s star products. It is made up of passive self-ligating brackets and high-technology archwires that work together to bring exceptional benefits for both orthodontist and patient. Treatment with the Damon system is minimally invasive. It has been evolving constantly since its creation, with 8 different Damon brackets, each better than the previous one.

At Ormco, building relationships is essential. Our company culture encourages all employees – from the sales force to product managers – to get to know their customers and find out their motivations and needs. This creates a daily learning process and enables us to gain precise information about how our products are used so that we can develop and enhance them further.

In line with the company’s philosophy “YourPractice. OurPriority”, we strive to innovate. Our priority is to constantly develop our products and services so that we can offer top quality while meeting the needs of clinicians and patients today.

At Ormco we also offer a wide range of training courses and seminars, with prestigious national and international speakers.

Hungarian Representative:

Csilla Pethô
phone: 06 20 314 5958