Ormco is the innovative partner orthodontic specialists trust to drive the future of orthodontics. A future where orthodontists have greater clinical freedom to treat patients & grow practices their way. A future made possible by Ormco’s continuous investment in high-quality, doctor-inspired innovations for all orthodontic needs. A future back by over 60 years of shared journeys of discovery and dedication to the art of Orthodontics. A future led by diverse, passionate professionals.
A future of promise that is shared by all.

About brand:

Spark™ Clear Aligner System Designed For The Needs Of Orthodontists

Spark is an advanced clear aligner system designed for more predictable & efficient treatment planning from start-to-finish

  1. The latest innovations in aligner material and digital orthodontics
  2. Greater start-to-finish control and flexibility
  3. More predictable and efficient treatment planning*
  4. 100% Patient Reccommended1


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