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Kind regards
Med. habil. Emil Segatto DMD, PhD
HADO President

Dear Colleagues,

The success of the 1st International Congress of the Hungarian Association for Dentofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics has motivated us to organize an event of similar volume every other year. It may not be surprising that, in line with the latest trends, this year our Congress is entirely dedicated to aligners.

There are things that are not worth changing, such as the four intensive days, but there are things that take a different direction. This year, we have invited the most expert professionals from the international stage – six of the top 10 speakers in the global field will be joining us! While most are well-known, those who are less recognized ensure a high standard with their outstanding professional work.

We are also continuously changing and developing because the average is still not an option for us! This year’s event will be hosted in a much larger facility with distinctive features. We are convinced that, as one of the most modernly equipped venues in Budapest, the RaM ArT Theatre will satisfy all needs and be worthy of the lineup of performers and sponsors.

The acronym chosen for the name of the Congress refers both to the uniqueness of the aligner event and to the increasingly high standard of aligner treatments, implicitly formulating the warning that this technique also does not work without adequate orthodontic knowledge (“Do you believe, you can WALK ON WATER”).

Therefore, in a different environment, with a new theme and a higher-than-usual standard, we look forward to welcoming you in the middle of May at the 2nd International Congress of the Hungarian Association for Dentofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics at the RaM ArT Theatre!






The registration fee includes TAX, the welcome drink of the Get-Together Party and the consumption during coffee breaks and lunches

The online registration ends  on 5 May 2024


  • Scientific program
  • Get together Party
  • Exhibition
  • Coffee breaks + lunch


  • Scientific program
  • Get together Party
  • Exhibition
  • Coffee breaks + lunch


The RaM-ArT Theatre, located in the heart of Budapest, is surrounded by a shady, ancient tree garden, acting as an oasis of calm in the midst of the bustling capital. The atmosphere of the natural, green environment is complemented by a 21st-century style interior. This multifunctional event space boasts a rare feature in the city: a 620-seat auditorium with hydraulic movement, ready to welcome the participants of #wowaligner2024. The RaM-ArT Theatre is not ‘just’ a theatre; it is also a welcoming community space open to various cultural segments. Here, prose and musical theatre performances, dance productions, classical and pop concerts, family and children’s programs, as well as various thematic exhibitions and community events coexist harmoniously. By hosting our Association’s 2nd International Congress, we are opening a new chapter in the life of this event center, enhancing its already diverse program palette with a highly prestigious professional event.

In the uniquely designed exhibition space, representatives from the world’s most renowned aligner manufacturers will be present at their creatively arranged booths

The usual rich and sophisticated culinary offerings during the professional program breaks will keep participants satisfied throughout the presentations, the VakVarjú Restaurant located in the building offers further opportunities with its well-known products from its excellent kitchen.

The event venue is accessible by public transport and by car. Participants arriving by car can park their vehicles in the nearby streets (Kárpát u., Pannónia u., Bessenyei u.), with parking fees applicable, or in the guarded parking lot of the Danubius Hotel Helia.

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