GRAPHY INC. – 3D Print the World with Graphy’s Solutions

Established in 2017, Graphy Inc. is a specialized company with professional knowledge and experience in 3D printing based technology, which is an important element of the 4th industrial revolution, as well as new material technology and medical convergence technology. Graphy resins are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic materials that are not harmful to the human body and can be used in all dental clinics that use 3D printers. Graphy resins are the perfect dental 3D printable photopolymer resins that have high strength, high heat-resistance, high precision, and terrific shade reproducibility. FORESTADENT and GRAPHY started their cooperation in 2022 to distribute the first direct aligner material TC-85 and the required equipment in the world of orthodontics. Aligners printed with TC-85 have a Shape Memory Effect to avoid deformations known for thermoformed aligners and to provide a constant force to make aligner treatments more efficient.


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