DENTAID is a global company leading in oral health research that works to improve people’s oral health, by offering next-generation solutions through research and constant innovation. It develops physical, chemical or mechanical solutions for the prevention and care of diseases caused by oral biofilm or by diverse oral conditions caused by other factors.

Improve the oral health of our societies, through education, research and the development of new solutions and products, appreciated and recommended by customers and consumers.

To become a global leader in the oral health market, because of the innovation, the quality and the sustainability of our products and services, developed by people, for people who commit and live to improve our societies.

To continue progressing while focusing on the future without losing sight of our beginnings. Because that is where our essence lies – in the values that forge our character and that are reflected in all the actions we carry out.

In line with our firm commitment to bring Oral Health to people, in recent years we have expanded and strengthened our presence in more than 70 countries. This global approach has allowed us to take a leap forward in quality as a company, and to become a reference worldwide – a clear strategic orientation that will set the course to follow in the future.