Adenta – Bringing German Engineering to Orthodontics

The history of Adenta® has been written for more than three generations. What was brought to life more than 60 years ago by the founder Wolfram Schendell and successfully continued by his son Claus Schendell is now in the 3rd generation. Julia Wenderhold-Schendell tries to fill the big footsteps with heart, ambition, and empathy and to steer the fortunes of the family business with sensitivity and a feeling for future-oriented innovations.

Developing these innovative solutions for 3 generations means – making treatment faster, easier, more predictable, healthier, and therefore significantly more efficient. Over 23,000 orthodontists worldwide work with Adenta products, mainly because they allow them to work more relaxed and faster. The Adenta company is synonymous with extreme precision and the highest level of innovation.

We listened and collaborated with orthodontists. Our engineers and orthodontists worked side by side – dream appliances became reality – problems have been solved. The world of orthodontics now reaches new levels of control, precision, and efficiency, with truly orthodontist inspired products that you can rely on for optimum results. All this with the best materials and high-quality workmanship

Utmost care and innovation are the clear priorities for our customers:
• absolute product confidence
• consistent line loyalty
• practical spirit of innovation

And with them deeply rooted values, which include not only precision, quality, and care, but
above all respect. Respect for the experts who advise us, for our customers and business
partners. The ability to recognize the needs of the market and to gain valuable suggestions
for the implementation of practical treatment equipment is also essential.

Inspired by Orthodontists, engineered by Adenta